Just Relax and Enjoy

The plane landed with more than a bump, and I grabbed the headrest in front of me quickly. I took a deep breath as did half the plane load of passengers. International escorts who serve the London market are generally not nervous flyers but, I was now in Prague for two nights, meeting my client, Marco. He was sexy, interesting and liked to have a good time, so I was looking forward to a fun time with him.

Marco was booked on a later flight and was staying for a week with work. I decided to check into the hotel and to take a look around Prague as this was my first visit to the city. I had three hours to kill before I met him for dinner, and then we’d head off to the nightclub where he would be taking the reigns as a DJ.

Whilst I was looking forward to this, we’d booked this in over six months ago, when I was only just getting together with Josh. Josh did not know I was with just one guy and thought I was travelling with a group of friends and escorts from the London office. I hadn’t lied, but was minimal with the information. It was something I’d learned about this job.

The Charles Bridge was busy, but it was the old part of the city which fascinated me. I found a cafe and sat drinking coffee as the tourists thronged past. Whilst it was a cold March day, it was sunny and I loved how pretty the city looked. I ended up looking at the Old Town Square as most people seemed to be coming and going from there. I wondered into the church, looked at the famous clock and I noted how lucky I was to be able to just relax and enjoy the vibe of this exciting city.

I mused that Marco was a good client. He treated me well and would not expect me to spend any money, so all of the expenses would be on him. I heard my phone ring and it was Marco.

His flight from London Heathrow had just landed and was grabbing his suitcase. “Okay, I’ll see you at the hotel in around an hour.” I walked down to the river and headed back towards the hotel. I just had enough time for a shower and to dress for the evening. I was sure Marco’s libido would be raging at full throttle as soon as he arrived at the hotel room!


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