Take off my knickers

I talked about Josh frankly. “I was judged for lingerie modelling, not even for the fact that I am one of the top escorts in London, so we had no chance really.” I looked up and Joe leant forwards and stroked my hair back gently.

Then he stopped the recorder. “We’ll stop for a break. You aren’t what I expected at all.”

I explained that most of us felt like this. I knew two girls I met with regularly and we all felt the same. Joe ruffled his hair and asked if I liked sushi, and if I could stay slightly longer than planned.

I checked my phone and pretended I had something on. “Yes, I can do another hour today, Joe, but I’m meeting a friend later, and I don’t cancel my friends. The other answer is that I love sushi.”

I wanted to make that point that my life was important outside of what I do as an escort.

Joe rang down to organise sushi to be delivered and a couple of vodka martinis with Suntory whiskey, instead of vermouth. It would go better with the sushi.

I liked the thought of a vodka martini. By now, I needed it.

Joe passed me a robe. “You are not in role now. Please don’t feel as if you have to be naked.”

I tidied myself in the bathroom as the sushi arrived. When I came out, I looked at his body, thinking he hadn’t noticed me studying him, but he looked up coyly. “Am I what you expected?”

I replied honestly. “I have no idea; I know nothing about you at all. I’ve only watched one film, and you were a London based fighter in that, not a lover.”

He glanced up as we ate the sushi and I drank the cocktail slowly. The flavours worked well with the sushi.

Joe checked his watch and took me by the hand back to the sofa. I took off the robe and this time, Joe asked me if he could take off my knickers.

I stood in front of him whilst my stomach flipped. He slowly pulled them down and I gasped. I lifted my feet so he could take them fully off and put them alongside my bra.

I wondered what was next.

“Sit astride me, please, and tell me about what you get asked to do when you’re escorting” He sounded serious. I did what he requested and my face was only centimetres away from his.

I wanted him to kiss me properly. Wasn’t this what he wanted? As I started to talk, I could feel him start to swell underneath me. I was all exposed now and feeling horny. What would happen next?


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