Can she still be a call girl part-time

Whilst the verve in London for my work has suddenly increased a hundred fold, my clients are benefitting from experience escorts like me bring to the party. Even a regular with whom I’d met on Thursday remarked that I’d been extremely attentive to his needs. I thought I was always attentive. I knew what he meant though. I think picturing the client as Josh, perked up the session considerably.

Now it is Friday lunchtime and my next date is a lunchtime date with Josh tomorrow. I’m on my way to meet Anna. She’s just worked through most of the evening dealing with a patient crisis, so she’s only managed five hours sleep, but really wanted to meet up for lunch.

As soon as I arrived, I remembered to order food, so Anna wouldn’t have to waste her precious time waiting around. I thought about the date as I waited for her. Would it be that difficult to carry on as an call girl part-time, whilst going out with Josh? I’d already pared my client list down to the bare minimum.

“Well, well, well,” Anna exclaimed, when she noticed my beaming face, “I assume it went well.”

I nodded and updated her. We were going out for an afternoon tea with champagne; one of my favourite treats. I told her more about Josh.

“He’s creative and quirky and has good manners. I’m going to enjoy myself.”

I tucked into my chicken salad and realised how hungry I was, after eating very little since yesterday lunchtime. I would have an early night tonight, so I would be rested for tomorrows date in central London.

Anna asked if I thought it could be something serious. “I watched you both when he invited us to join them at their table. I think he’s already besotted. Don’t go getting all commitment-phobic on him; he’s too much of a catch to let go.”

I mused on that point as my baked cheesecake arrived. I rubbed my hands in glee at the look of it. I would have to go on a twenty-minute jog to rid myself of these calories.

As for Anna, I think she looked tired. Too much work and no play; I wondered how it impacted on her love life. I know that feeling too well.

For now, I have a feeling things are about to change for the better.



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