On Call Personal Service

Sasha has given birth to a bouncing baby boy. With the happy news, came the even darker news that she was wrapping up her escorts agency business. This was nothing really to do with me, but Josh managed her booking system for a couple of days per week. He didn’t know about it yet. I held little Nathan in my arms and cooed at him. He was oblivious but gurgled away to himself. “That look suits you,” she smirked as she brought in a cup of coffee. “I’m dying for a glass of wine, but I’m only drinking one a day.” She looked tired, but I was surprised she looked so svelte only a fortnight after the birth. “So, what are you going to do instead,” I smiled at Nathan as I handed him back and picked up the coffee.

She looked at me with a glint in her eye. “Don’t tell Josh just yet. I need to get through the next month. I’ve actually been offered an opportunity to work for a group of Russians, only on a part-time basis handling their London affairs. I’m thinking about it.”

I felt the hairs rise on my neck. Vlad was involved in this in some way. I felt sure of it. She held Nathan and stroked his cheek. That was as maternal as Sasha had ever been in front of me. She rose slowly to put him back into his crib.

“There are three of them wanting a personal shopper service. I’m talking about high-end here and it isn’t a Personal Assistant role. It is more about taking a list of things before they arrive, co-ordinating and buying everything on their credit card, and ensuring things arrive on time. Then there are ad-hoc needs and an almost ‘on-call’ service. The thing is, they’ll want full-time and I only want part-time hours each day. That’s where Joanna and Josh might fit in.”

I looked at her as the penny dropped. She was going to ask Josh to carry on working for her, but she was changing the nature of the business. “What do you think?”

I looked at her as I figured this out in my head.

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