Memorable London parties with Escorts

So much for Sasha’s discretion! She told me she would not tell anyone. Well, two London escorts can play at that game.

Vlad looked good. I could feel that same animal magnetism, and his cologne was divine. He always looked good, even in jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt. We’d sat inside as the wind was getting up but it was warm enough for a late April morning.

I wore a gilet over my dress. I wore boots too. He watched me over the rim of his cup. I broke the silence first. “I met Josh in a pub. He has no idea of what I used to do in London. Sasha knew about Josh and I because I told her and she said she would not tell anyone. Apparently she’s going to ask him to help manage this new business she’s working on.”

Vlad looked at me. “So, what about Robert, will he not be a client?” I shook my head. “That’s up to him. I’m just saying that there are no more London parties with escorts or meetings like in the past. I don’t have any links with Sasha. That’s all. Robert was a favour for his cousin who stalked me for a week. I gave in eventually. Then she mentioned you. It just feels like more than a coincidence.”

Vlad put his hand on mine, but only briefly. “We live quite close, so you probably will see me around. I won’t speak with Josh directly and I know nothing about Sasha’s business idea.”

I updated him and he looked at me. That must be what Grigor is up to. He will be in London for a series of conferences, but he will be busy with his cohorts. I think there are six or seven of them. I’m not involved in that. Sasha did tell me she would be scaling down her escort service, but as I no longer use it, it means nothing to me.”

Grigor was the name of an old client of mine, but it may not be the same guy. I didn’t probe or enquire any further. Scaling down a business was a very different proposition to closing it down though. I wondered what else Sasha was up to! If it was Grigor, well, he had an appetite for women, so she may still be servicing his needs.

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