Red carpet events

I was on a VIP guest-list for a music award ceremony and an after-show party at a premier London venue. I love events like these as I wriggled into my sexy dress that, did’nt shout out escorts for hire even though it showed my nice bronzed my cleavage. I was accompanying my gay male friend Franz, who had invested in a music deal and he wanted someone who would be glamorous enough to accompany him to the show and the party afterwards.

I needed to find a new ankle-length gown, but not floor-length, as I did not want to trip up on the red carpet. I ended up with a lovely lace and embroidered dark-blue dress with a see-through lace trim and a scalloped hem which would look great teamed with my silver jewellery, heels and matching clutch bag.

Franz looked dapper in his suit and trendy, jagged fringe as we walked onto the carpet. The paparazzi still shot away at everyone, including us. When I was asked if I was filming at the moment, I shook my head and wondered to whom the photographer was referring.

Our table was at the back, so I could not mingle with the famous groups, solo artists and upcoming talent, down at the front; they really should have awards in London for the best or should we say the highest earning escorts of the year. Behind us, were security men, a barrier and then a thousand other guests waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Franz had ordered a bottle of wine and plenty of water as he dare not get too drunk, even though he was not involved in an award directly, he wanted to mingle with others. We sipped Cava as we spotted various old and new celebrities walking up and down. There must have been four hundred people seated. I’d been given a goodie bag, with free make-up, miniature bottles of various spirits, a scarf and perfume. All very exciting!

A colleague of Franz spotted us and headed over and he got up to talk to some influential people near the front. I chatted with a London based music critic to my left, until Franz headed back.

Afterwards, Franz asked if I wanted to go to the party or head off for a meal, with a few others. By this point, the canapés and kettle chips had been eaten, so we went to a local Indian restaurant and enjoyed a curry. I noticed a famous singer walking in with his wife and nudged Franz, who immediately called him over and we made room for them, in this busy, packed-to-the-brim restaurant. A fabulous, fun-filled night and I had really enjoyed myself.


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