Lost in the moment

In my entire life, I’ve never lusted for someone more than I’ve lusted for Luke. His shoulder length hair, mysterious brown eyes and rock hard body, every girl drops her jaw when he walks into a room. But for me, it’s not only his appearance that gets my juices flowing. It’s the fact that I see him as ‘off limits’. We’d been friends for so long that I hated to think of messing things up with a relationship or a fling. But boy, does that make me want him more. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve toyed with the idea of having a passionate night together- wasting our time making love in each corner of my apartment. But unfortunately, that’s all it was- talk. And then, the most heart wrenching thing happened.

He ended his relationship with his longtime girlfriend. Being the great friend I am, I was there to comfort him each step of the way, though I never asked for the reason as to why things ended between them. It wasn’t only until a few weeks ago that Luke revealed the truth to me. He couldn’t stay with Ella when there was someone else he wanted to give himself to- me. That same statement led to him leaning toward me and pressing his lips against mine, igniting the perfect fire within. I kissed back- wholly and completely- allowing myself to get lost in a moment I had wanted forever. It wasn’t a decision I regretted though it was one that I worried about. The way his lips felt against mine, the way he glided his hand down my back and to the secret parts of me- it was magic. I lost myself in his embrace, his kisses, his passion and forgot about all the reasons why we couldn’t be together. I allowed him to steer me to my bedroom where he lowered his kisses, taking me to a world of enjoyment. If there’s one thing Luke knew, it was how to please the most demanding of escorts. I felt so complete in his arms, and didn’t hesitate when it was time to show him just how much I appreciated him. The whole of London town could have heard our moans of pleasure, but I didn’t care. I’d finally been able to indulge in the one man who made my heart flutter endlessly. And though we haven’t made things between us official, it’s safe to say that there’s a lot more fun to be had between Luke and me.

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