Gina’s bisexual encounter

My friend Emily loves to be the center of attention, she’s always wanted to be an escort but she’s never plucked up the courage to cross the line. One of the things that I love so much about her is her eagerness to always have fun. I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly interested in women, I’m just interested in her.

A Saturday night in London usually includes us heading out to the club and when wannabe escort Emily takes the floor, the room is just that much brighter. I love watching as her slim hips sway from side to side and her long legs move their way around the dance floor. Needless to say, by the end of the night, she’s sweaty in just about the best way possible. So, not too long ago, I was feeling rather adventurous. On our regular Saturday night trip, I made a point to escort Emily to my bedroom after we’d gotten through dancing our souls out at the club. I just wasn’t sure how I would work up the courage to get this done. After all, we had been friends for so long and I never made a pass at her and she never made a pass at me. This didn’t mean that there weren’t moments when we caught each other sneaking peeks. Those moments were aplenty but to act on our thoughts; that was something else. I spent the night dancing to the rhythm of Emily’s feet, my hands draped over her shoulder and our faces so close that I could feel the sweetness of her breath on my cheeks. I wanted to kiss her so badly, and as though she read my mind, her mouth made contact with mine in the gentlest way possible. I returned her kiss; long and gentle and sweeter than anything I’d felt before. Her hands slowly crept up to my back and her fingers sent tingling sensations running all over. Not too long after, we were so wrapped up in each other that we just had to leave the club. My apartment, not being too far away, was the place that we chose. The lobby area, the elevator and the hallway were all witness to the passion that we couldn’t hold in.

Moments later, we made it to my bed where we showed each other just how much we truly had been wanting to get to know each other better and in the most sensual ways. And certainly, that night was just the beginning to many more nights of passionate fun.

About the author:
An extremely well read lady when Gina’s not reading classics she enjoys entertaining men in London as their escort date.

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