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30 September 2014

London can be hectic for an escort

by Babes of London on 30 September 2014, under London Escorts

His rough hands made their way across my skin, tickling and inflicting a miniscule amount of pain as he moved them along the extent of my back. It had been an exceptionally long day in London for this very tired escort and at that very moment, there was nothing that I wanted more than to more

25 September 2014

Client and agency girl the special connection

by Babes of London on 25 September 2014, under London Escorts

One night while I was out in London with my escort girlfriends from the agency, I got a call from a client who I hadn’t seen for quite some time due to him being out of town for business. I instantly filled with joy as I saw his number pop up on the screen of […] more

23 September 2014

Extra special escorts

by Babes of London on 23 September 2014, under London Escorts

Life is about having fun and enjoying every moment to its fullest. I moved to London some time ago and got to experience a whole new life, filled with more wonderful things than I could have ever imagined. In the escort industry, there’s a multitude of different things to be enjoyed. F more

19 September 2014

Anais rekindles an old love

by Babes of London on 19 September 2014, under London Escorts

I never thought that I would ever meet a guy in London like him; one who takes every escorts breath away with just one glimpse. But there he was, looking at me with those dreamy eyes, and I was falling. I was falling for him so long and so hard and there was nothing I […] more

16 September 2014

A spectacular busty figure

by Babes of London on 16 September 2014, under London Escorts

I’ve always known that I wanted to be an escort. Growing up in London, I was always referred to as a ‘little princess’ and the older and more busty I got, the more I fit that role. There was nothing that I liked more than getting all dolled up and looking at myself in the [… more

14 September 2014

London girl Roxy shares a secret with Joe

by Babes of London on 14 September 2014, under London Escorts

I don’t know what in the world I would do without my friend Joe. Late night phone calls and early morning coffee, he’s an escorts dream BF the, person who when I call on him, he’ll be there. However, even with all this, I never dreamt of the day that our relationship would change. more

09 September 2014

Anastasia forever spontaneous

by Babes of London on 09 September 2014, under London Escorts

I believe that every escort needs to take some time to herself away from the hustle and bustle of the agency. This is the only way in which we are able to truly understand who we are and learn more about our bodies. I make a point to get some ‘me time’ at the very […] more

02 September 2014

Polish beauty Ashley finds London’s hidden gems

by Babes of London on 02 September 2014, under London Escorts

Those who know me know just how much I love a great massage. Every escort likes to treat herself to something great and London has plenty to offer. For some every once in a while this involves getting manicures, pedicures or spending the day at the salon. Whilst these things are all high more

29 August 2014

Busty girls just wanna have fun

by Babes of London on 29 August 2014, under London Escorts

Men love to compliment me on the way that I look and I can’t say that it’s not something that I love, hey how many busty women whether escorts or 9-5 office girls wouldn’t. Yes, I’ve been blessed with the body that I have at least to some extent. For everyone, there’s a necessi more

21 August 2014

Weekend breaks with the ideal agency companion

by Babes of London on 21 August 2014, under London Escorts

Long before I became an escort I’ve had a deep fascination with driving outside of London and getting out on the water in the countryside. Even the smallest of rivers are intriguing to me and I can only imagine what mysterious creatures they hold. So when Thomas invited me on a weekend more

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