Escorting Appointments

I knew I’d receive a call from Sebastian. He’d waited for a full two weeks – not that I was checking or anything escorts in London don’t do that sort of thing. I thanked him for the recommendation. “Thanks to you, I got the work.”

Sebastian sounded busy. “I wanted to ask if you could help me out actually. I feel a bit guilty about our last meeting. I wanted to know if you could be my ‘other’ at a London PR party. I could go with my PA, Philippa, but she’s only just back from her maternity leave and I don’t want to impose, as she’s been doing all of the organising. I need some smart, curious and articulate. “

I was curious. “I don’t know what you do. Tell me some more whilst I get my calendar up on the screen.” I looked at the fully-booked weekends and realised I probably could not help out.

I run a small, as in micro, but exclusive PR consultancy, specialising in the outdoors market. I turned my passion for climbing into something useful as I have a background in brand management. I have a team of seven altogether, and a core of around eight clients who get very busy as soon as the end of summer comes along. We use some freelance help, for example, when we need photography or film-making requests, but it is just us really. It keeps me busy but I love it too. It is next Thursday, so there’s just over a week’s notice. I hope you can come along and of course, I’ll compensate you for your time.”

I was surprised. Sebastian did have a job, not just that, he ran a small consultancy. As it happened, I had a cancelled escorting appointment and I could make it. I was also curious about his comment about feeling guilty. I needed to be sure he wasn’t going to act differently with me. I like clients to be consistent, so if there was an issue, he needed to get it out into the open. First, I would confirm my availability.

“I can go, as it happens, I’m free from around four until midnight. However, I want you to know that you should never feel guilty about anything. I’m professional and I don’t work with regretful clients. Is that clear?”


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