Girls with Energy

I waited by the lift of the fifth floor. It was Rachel’s birthday a friend from my old escorts agency and I’d stated I’d meet her here. It was twelve-thirty and I’d booked a special Harvey Nichols afternoon tea. Being a lady of leisure two lunchtimes a week has its perks. I keep one slot back for Josh of course, but the other, if not taken by a client, is saved for a gal pal.

We don’t always eat extravagantly. Sometimes we meet for coffee, browse new fashions, grab a gourmet burger and naughty fries, but tomorrow would be her thirtieth birthday.

The lift door opened, Rachel appeared and we hugged each other in greeting. I already knew what I wanted to eat. I know it appears that I’m focussed on food, but in my job as an agency escort, I work off so much energy. If you think about three lengthy sex sessions in one afternoon, followed by only soup when I get home, I’m bound to be ravenous the next day. On top of that, I’ve promised Josh I’d go jogging with him around our local square and up to the park and back later. Eight kilometres will need sustenance.

We caught up with each over the mini brioche rolls, filled with smoked salmon with a dill-flavoured crème fraiche. Rachel rolled her eyes. “I could eat that again,” she whispered, as I pointed at the macaroons and scones to follow. I’m not one to hold back on decent champagne either, so I’d ordered a bottle we could share. Afterwards we would drink the Assam tea whilst we relaxed and talked some more.

As we sat back in the deep sofas, both feeling full of treats, I noticed an elderly pair of friends sitting and chatting together. Rachel had spotted them too. “Are they sisters?” She enquired, looking for signs of facial similarity. “I think they are friends. They must be in their late seventies. You know what; I hope that if we both reach that ripe age, we could meet up like this still. In fact, I’ll start a fund for retirement.” Rachel looked at me fondly. “The ‘tea for two’ fund! I like the sound of that. We’ll have to catch up once a month and be decadent like them.”

I took hold of her hand and squeezed it. It was a nice thought.

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