Agency girls are so kind

To keep up with the competition among escorts I have my nails painted once a month professionally, but tonight I’m off to a London function with a client, Richard, whose wife is now the mother to twins. I wasn’t comfortable initially with the set-up, but he’s been honest with her and explained he needed to take a female and that he knew me from work. That’s a slight exaggeration of the truth, but I’m happy that she knows. So, I’m having nail art and I’ve chosen pink with gold stars to match the dress and outfit I’m wearing. I chatted to the nail technician, Natasha, a sassy girl with purple cropped hair, who lived in Earls Court and dealt with most of the girls at my agency.

She was bemoaning the fact that she could never earn enough money to live more centrally and she had to live with her mum and sister in a flat. I’m always careful about telling people where I live. In fact, I always imply that my parents help out, which isn’t really true, not financially anyway.

I explained the function tonight and she asked what I was wearing. She was going to a party the following week in west London and was struggling to find anything suitable. I eyed up her figure. She was about the same size, although not as heavy up-top. I asked her what the event was and she mentioned it was her younger sister’s 21st birthday party. I knew I had a gorgeous Reiss dress I’d worn about three times which would look lovely on her; a calf-length forest-green with purple sequins to match her hair. Then there was a knee-length burgundy chiffon dress I’d bought in a sale, but I didn’t like the neckline. I think I had worn it twice and can’t remember the designer name.

I suggested that I had a couple of dresses that I’d only worn a few times, but they were too good to get rid of and would she like to have a look? If they fitted she could have them. She looked at me and asked what they looked like. So I explained the style and she thanked me. I did say they were almost brand-new.

Natasha tried to waive the fee for her work, but I would not let her. I promised I would drop both dresses off during the week and was astonished when she gave me a hug. As I left, I realised I felt rather pleased with that I could help out.



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