Movie theatres in London will never be the same

Work life in London is so draining and for us escorts getting as much R&R is a must. Thankfully tonight was movie night and Lewis and I decided that rather than seeing something at home, we’d head to the movie theater. I thought this was a brilliant idea. After all, when we’re home watching a movie, we never really get past the first ten minutes before we have our hands all over each others naked bodies. So this was a great change, not that I don’t like sex, I mean, I love it. However, for the first time in forever, I was actually going to get to watch a movie. So we head out to the movies, and of course, on this hot summer day, there was no way I was getting all decked out in jeans. I wore a gorgeous dress, loose at the hips that, Lewis had bought me a couple days earlier.

Once we’d sat down in the theatre, we noticed that the rows weren’t as filled as we’d expected. Ten people here, another there and we had an entire row for ourselves. I guess we waited so long to see the movie that pretty much everyone in London had already seen it. The previews were on and I made my way closer and closer to my wonderful Lewis, he wrapped his arm around me, his personal London  escort babe and gave me a peck on the cheek. Things started out normal, they really did, but there was something in the previews that set a fire in him and without warning, his hand made his way up my skirt and his finger into me, deep, deep into me. Thankfully the sounds was as loud as it was because if not, everyone would have turned around due to how loud and satisfyingly I moaned. Things quickly got more intense, and I wanted him so badly, but there were all these people around. As horny as ever, we made our way back to the car and had our bests of each other in the dark parking lot. I guess going to the movies with someone who gets me so hot and bothered isn’t a good idea. At least at home we’d have made it through a couple minutes of the movie. In the theatre, we didn’t make it through the previews.

But I can’t deny that it was worth every minute of it. There’s no movie that could compete with what Lewis and I had done that night. This is definitely one of the stories that the escorts I work alongside would like to hear.

About the author:
Harper lives in London and enjoys writing blogs about escorts, their clients and dating.

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