Thirty minutes of pleasure

I decided it was time to take the lead it’s something that escorts do have to do on the odd occasion. Simon was so nervous about this whole scenario that he couldn’t even look at my cleavage. Right now, I was stood in some of my sexiest underwear from an exclusive London boutique, and all he could do was to talk about his divorce and how it had affected him. He only had forty minutes left and I needed to be out within the hour, so I took it on myself to massage his shoulders and loosen him up.

I stood behind him, put my arms around his shoulders and whispered into his ear. “Carry on telling me what you want. I’m listening, but I’ll help you to loosen up too.”

Simon was very dark-haired, with almost loose curls which would be hard to tame if they were any longer. I started to massage his head with my fingertips until he told me it felt good. Then I removed his top and pulled it over his head, so that he was bare-chested. I massaged his shoulders, pressing my breasts against his back. The effect was not lost on him and he quietened. I quickly slipped out of my bra and let my nipples trail across his back as I worked his muscles. I noticed Simon had closed his eyes and realised he might even fall asleep, so I stopped and moved around in front of him.

Simon had never seen my breasts before and I could see his attention was now on my body. “You have a superb figure, Nancy.” Yes I thought in my mind that’s why so many clients in London just can’t get enough of my body.

When he reached up and slowly stroked my breasts, he was also careful to flick the nipples. That was more like it escorts do need attention! I let him carry on until he was now getting excited. “Will you be careful with me?” Simon asked as if I was going to whip him or treat him roughly. “Of course, you just let me know what you want. No sudden surprises though, okay?”

Simon’s eyes wandered down to my crotch and the transparent knickers I was wearing. He eased them down to my knees and I whipped them off quickly. There I was, completely naked. I glanced at the time, thirty minutes left. I took his hand and lead him slowly into the bedroom. I’m sure I could bring him so much pleasure in the time we had left.


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