Feeding the Body and Mind

I had a few hours to myself and there was little to whet my appetite in the fridge. Josh seemed to have a never-ending appetite that’s the norm for escorts in London. I had walked the mile or so, to get to this point where I had to decide to walk on, to pop into my favourite store.

I really could not decide between eating at the London Mandarin Oriental or Harrods. The sashimi at the Pan Chai, in the Food Hall, is an absolute favourite. I haven’t been for a few months, but it would be busier than the Mandarin’s Bar and my budget could not stretch to a private dining experience today.

The entrance to Harrods was only six steps away, but the lure of a touch of retail therapy in Harvey Nichols would be appealing to any of the escorts I know. On the plus side, I could buy everything I wanted in Harrods too. I had a decision to make and it was so unusual for me to procrastinate like this.

I wasn’t working officially later on either. I had an order I needed to sew and get out on time, but the thought of a cheeky Cosmopolitan kept coming into my head. I plumped for the sashimi and I’d have a cocktail.

I wandered into the Pan Chai and managed to get a table at the back. The ambience was more relaxed than the last time I visited this West London branch. I ordered my Cosmopolitan and a glass of sparkling water whilst I checked to see if there were any new offerings on the menu. The sashimi and sushi looked incredibly inviting. After a few moments hesitation, I chose a spicy tuna roll served with spicy mayonnaise, and feeling hungry, also chose the salmon nigari and tuna nigari served with yuzu mayonnaise. Interesting was that the yuzu was actually a sour mandarin fruit. I felt guilty about the amount I’d be eating, but who cares. I’d be working this off soon enough!

The taste was delicious, and the fish melted in my mouth. As I relaxed, just savouring the taste of the spices, I made a note to take Josh to the Mandarin Oriental the following week on his day off. I sipped the cocktail slowly and people-watched. Most tables were occupied by wealthy couples, or pairs of friends. I have never minded eating or drinking by myself. It relaxes the mind, as well as feeding both soul and body.

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