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With the kind of lifestyle that I live in London working as one of the capitals escorts, it should come as no surprise that I’m always in for a thrill. So when Trev asked me if I’d like to accompany him on an adventure, there was no saying no. He’s one of the most fun people in this world and my mind filled with ideas of where he would be taking us and what kind of trouble we would be getting into. It wasn’t until we had driven all the way from west London and ended up at our final destination that I realized we were going to an amusement park. We were in for an immense amount of fun. The last time that I had taken on such an adventure was perhaps five years ago. There was, however, a big difference this time.

Instead of being on a family trip, I was going to spend time with Trev, a guy who was too sexy for his own good. He had a body that was chiseled to perfection, one that would make the most experienced escort girl salivate and lust to run her tongue all over it. He had arms of steel that were never afraid to put themselves to good use, hoisting and flipping around my elegant frame when we were making sweet love to each other.

Though an Amusement park wasn’t a place to get that kind of action going this, escort knew that with the amount of adrenaline building up within us, the night would be one that should go down in the history books.

Before leaving the car, I engaged Trev in a deep kiss. I wanted to show him just how much I appreciated his out of the box thinking and also to give him a hint of the sweetness that he would experience once the day came to a close.

We went on some of the most adrenaline pumping roller coaster rides and through each one, I whispered to him, all the things that I wanted so badly to do to him. This definitely got his motor going because in the dark hotel room, Trev took advantage of me, taking me to places that I had never been before. I can’t deny that I was exceptionally delighted, because I returned to him the most remarkable favors, which led him to extend our one day trip into an entire weekend. Trev just couldn’t get enough of me and I certainly could not get enough of him.

About the author:
Sandrine loves to post the odd blog or two when she gets time off from her busy schedule in London fulfilling her escort assignments.

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