Poor little London boy

Though it may sound strange to some, one of my favourite places is the movie theater. However, unlike your typical girl who just can’t get enough of a chic flick, this escort is obsessed with scary movies. Rather than spending the entire day in our hotel room, I asked Gary if he’d like to go and see the scary movie that just came out in the movie theater in London. He was definitely up for it, but told me that there would be just one condition that I had to comply with. The person who screamed the most, would be bound to the bed and would receive no mercy. Little did Gary know, I am a pro at scary movies and though I can’t deny that it’s easy for me to get scared, I know just how to mute my screams.

The movie started and things went pretty slowly until the first scare was thrown at us. Of course, I was able to hold my own. Gary, on the other hand, let out a loud cry as a scary figure popped on the screen. I was in heaven. I would be the one to tie him to the bed and take advantage of him. Inching closer to me, he held his hand over his mouth, trying hard not to repeat what had happened just a few minutes early.

“Poor little London boy, I think you’re about to lose,” I said to him as I lowered my hand into his lap. “Oh, but not just yet,” he replied in his manliest tone.

The movie came to an end and Gary had his head held down, he had lost and was in for one of Anushka’s most torturous sessions. “I’m going to be the escort of both your dreams and your nightmares,” I said to Gary in my most seductive tone. “You are already the one of my dreams Anushka,” he replied; his beautiful face glowing underneath the light.

Within seconds of arriving back at my London flat, I was tying Gary’s hands to the bed. One with his tie and the one with his belt. He smiled, not knowing the trouble he had just gotten himself into. With the slash of a whip and the wonders of my talents, Gary had his world turned both upside down and right side up, all at the same time. He was in pain whilst being in ecstasy, feeling hatred and lust, love and regret, but always wanting more from me Anushka his dream girlfriend who makes his dreams come true.

About the author:
Loved and adored by all London beauty Anushka escorts for a living but, her second passion is writing about her exploits with the cities finest.

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