It’s not time until I say it’s time

Some escorts like being touched, and some like doing the touching. As for me, I’m a cruel dominant London bitch who loves having her men tied up. There’s something about being in charge that gets me going and brings me to a place of complete and utter satisfaction. Needless to say, where most female escorts carry lipsticks and back up beauty supplies in their purses, mine is never missing a handcuff or two.

My friends always ask if I’m aspiring to be a cop and in some ways I think my job as an escort is pretty similar. There are men who need to be punished and well, I’m very happy to do the punishing. Nothing gives me a rush more than knowing that I’m in charge of both the pleasure and the pain. I’m surprised that none of the guests in the hotels that, I’ve stayed at with my clients haven’t called the Police because of the screams they’ve heard. Actually, I’m not that surprised because the moans of pleasure that follow soon after definitely prove to them that only good things are happening. People in London are kind of nosy. I know a lot of them have their ears pressed hard against the walls, visualizing what the sounds that they hear coming from my room mean. I bet a few of them sit, stroking away at their cocks while listening to me punish my clients. I bet they imagine the way my plump lips cover the head of my client’s penis; the way my mouth salivates as I taste the saltiness of his cock in my mouth. And when I look into my client’s eyes and see his face trying hard to fight away the tell tale signs that he’s about to cum, I give him a good spanking so he knows that it’s not time until I say it’s time. And just to tease him even more, I’ll position myself right in front of him and rub my pussy fast and hard, until I reach the orgasm that he’s been hoping he could reach for so long. And when I’m feeling generous enough, I’ll climb on top of him, tighten my vagina around his needing cock and ride it until he cums harder than he’s ever cum before. And a few minutes later, after his cock has revived, we start over again, until the day turns to night and we’re all orgasmed out. And when he calls the day after, needing more, I know I’m the best escort out of all the girls in London that he’s ever had.

About the author:
Mistress Diana frequently blogs about her sexual encounters while working as an escort to gentlemen in London

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