This is what I’m great at

I’m the shy girl, the girl next door if you will. However, when I’ve got a strong, hard cock in front of me, all my shyness slips away and I’m completely captivated. Many of my friends asked why I became an escort. They just couldn’t understand it. Most of them thought I was crazy, others considered me brave some, thought it was just a phase. However, this is the job for me. I used to sit on the train in London and see so many attractive men. Men in suits, married men, divorced men, nerdy men, and I just never had the courage to walk up to them and let them know that the only thing running through my mind was how great their cock would taste in my mouth. So now that I’m an escort, these men come to me and I couldn’t be happier to please them.

I chose this job because sex is what I’m great at, sex is what’s fun for me, and what’s better than loving what you do and doing what you love? When I’m off work, home alone in my London apartment late at night, things can get lonely. Thankfully, I’ve got a drawer filled with friends. Long ripped friends, friends that tickle, friends that vibrate. I like watching myself. I like seeing the way my dildo parts my vagina, the way everything gets wet and red. I’ll start off slowly, getting a steady rhythm, then I’ll prop myself up with some pillows, take my vibrator in my other hand, and massage my clit while I slide my dildo in and out. I like picturing that there’s a sturdy man standing in front of me, thrusting his cock harder and harder into me. And when I close my eyes, things seem so real, it’s unimaginable. My skin starts to crawl, my vagina starts to tingle, my toes curl and I let out an overly satisfied scream. When I’m done, I’m sitting in a puddle of wetness and that turns me on even more, making me start over again, until I’ve climaxed so much that I pass out. Though I do enjoy playing with myself, it’s always better when there’s someone there to watch me, or join in on the fun.

No dildo in the world can compare to a real, hard cock and a man who wants nothing more than to fuck me hard with it.

About the author:
Since leaving University Cruz has been an escort at

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