Parties in the leafy London suburbs

Like most of the escorts I hang out with there’s nothing that I love more than a good party especially the ones in the leafy London suburbs which turn into an orgy. Lots of drinks, lots of friends, and lots of potential for me to appease my appetite for an explosive orgasm. The night always starts out decent, everyone’s fully clothed and enjoying a great chat, mixing and mingling. However, after everyone is a bit buzzed, the night soon makes a turn for greatness. The movie on the television soon switches to nakedness that we are all keen to mimic. And then my favorite part starts, the clothes comes off, the girls are wet, the guys are hard, and everyone is ready and waiting to have their bodies explored.

I love watching to begin with, I love seeing everyone get paired up, or tripled up, and the girls moan as they have their holes filled, and then it’s time for me to join in. I’ll walk over to a pair, spread my legs in front of the girl who’s bent over and taking it hard from behind. She’ll bow her head to my wet vagina and eat it like she’s been craving it all along. She’ll introduce her fingers, slowly at first, speeding up when she gets closer and closer to climaxing. I’ll rub my clit as she fingers me hard, and when I cum, we switch roles and I get a nice pulsing cock, thrusted deep into my vagina, while I have my face buried deep into the sweet aroma of a needy vagina that’s still recovering from an orgasm. I’ll pull some of the tricks that I do as an escort, the ones that make my clients come back day after day, night after night. Someone will open up the windows and allow the chilled London air to seep in, drying the sweat from our backs. Our moans will echo through the city and every passerby will wish they could join us. I’ll take a glimpse at the porn and my vagina will rush with juices once again as I see the ripest of pussies spread wide open on my television screen. And when the night is over, the entire room will be fragranced with the smell of sex which I love so much. But more than likely, the room will be empty and my appetite for sex will come surging in again and I when I can’t resist anymore, I’ll play back the film from the night before and take myself away.

About the author:
23yr old Catalina has been working as an escort with BabesofLondon since Jan 2014

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