Escorts who crave love

Though there’s nothing better than a real life cock, that swells up when I work my magic, my dildo is a great substitute. When I’m all alone at home in my London apartment on a Sunday morning with no bookings from the escorts agency, and my need for sex won’t allow for me to sit still, I’ll close my eyes and choose from my many dildos, the one that I’ll allow to please me for the day. In the bathroom, I fill the bathtub with foamy warm water, relieve myself of my restricting clothing and glide my way in. The most comfortable position is having my legs flung over the edges of my bathtub. I like to rub my clitoris softly, and warm myself up to receive the enormous dildo that I have picked out.

When I’m all aroused and I can’t fight the temptation any longer, I’ll separate my lips and push it in. I’ve only been an escort for two months and my pussy is still very tight, I’m almost always amazed at the fact that something so big can fit into something so small and though it hurts just a little when it enters, soon enough, my vagina is more than accepting and I get a rhythm going, pushing it deeper with each go. When I climax, I like to slowly withdraw my dildo, put it into my mouth and taste my vagina all over it. Then I’ll get all washed up, give my boyfriend a call and have him head over to London so that I can enjoy that real cock I’ve been craving.

He likes when I treat him as though he’s one of my clients. So sometimes when I call he’ll hang up just to ring me back and say, “Is my little London escort up for a visit?” When I’m waiting for him, I’ll be thinking of all the ways in which I can get his cock all pumped up and heated before he’s able to enter me. This gets me so turned on and by the time I hear him knock at the door, I jump up to open it, greeting him with nothing on. With the curtains wide open, he takes me right over to the window and gives it to me hard, so that all the neighbors can be jealous that their pussies aren’t getting pleased the way mine is. By the time he’s done with me, my pussy is all sore and I collapse on the bed in satisfaction and I can’t wait for the next Sunday to roll around so I can do it all over again.

About the author:
Diana recently started a career as an escort she lives and works in London

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