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04 June 2014

He never ceases to turn me on

by Administrator on 04 June 2014, under London Escorts

‘Be mine Karina,’ he said to me, his voice muffled as he tried to speak from between my thighs. ‘I AM yours,’ I replied. I knew what he was saying. Cliff was he kind of guy who got caught up a lot. Ever since the first time that I blew his mind, he’s been co more

30 May 2014

Being the good escort that I am

by Administrator on 30 May 2014, under London Escorts

I love it when my client, Thomas, a London fireman, shows up for some late night loving. He’s the kind of guy that complements an escort girl like me just well. He’s big and strong, sexy and brave and there is nothing about him that does not turn me on. I do, however, always more

28 May 2014

The satisfaction of his climax

by Administrator on 28 May 2014, under London Escorts

He was a lonely guy. He’d gone through one meaningless relationship after another and was now looking for someone who could bring passion to his life. I’d met him at a London bar, where he spent most of his weekends, sipping on a nice cold beer. I’m an escort who has a thin more

23 May 2014

Freaky escorts know how to have a good time

by Administrator on 23 May 2014, under London Escorts

After battling the insane traffic in central London I was appalled when I walked into his office, his boss had him working overtime. It was meant to be our lunch break. One glance at me, his escort and his eyes told me that food wasn’t what he needed for lunch.  I could tell h more

22 May 2014

Sensual Sexual Aroma

by Administrator on 22 May 2014, under London Escorts

Mark was excited to have his first escort . He wanted to book a hot blonde with huge breast with a killer body; he also wanted a girl who enjoyed partying. Trying to impress the guys from his work, he want someone who would stand out, someone who would make every other girl look ordinary more

15 May 2014

I love every moment of being an escort

by Administrator on 15 May 2014, under London Escorts

A relaxing vacation on a secluded beach in Australia with the a great man, it’s really something that makes me know that I love every moment of being an escort. It’s not merely about the things that I’m offered, like the vacations or the gifts, but really about the peop more

13 May 2014

Movie theatres in London will never be the same

by Administrator on 13 May 2014, under London Escorts

Work life in London is so draining and for us escorts getting as much R&R is a must. Thankfully tonight was movie night and Lewis and I decided that rather than seeing something at home, we’d head to the movie theater. I thought this was a brilliant idea. After all, when weR more

09 May 2014

I can’t say that this escort resisted

by Administrator on 09 May 2014, under London Escorts

He took me by surprise one Sunday morning when I was in the kitchen making breakfast. It’s funny because unlike many of the London escorts I’m friends with I don’t usually cook, so this one time when I decided to surprise him, things went the other way and I was the one sur more

07 May 2014

He deserves to be inside me

by Administrator on 07 May 2014, under London Escorts

I don’t know any escorts in London or anywhere else in the world who doesn’t love fireworks. Beautiful sparks that fly through the sky lighting up the world, there’s nothing more amazing, except having someone to share the experience with. So on new years eve, when Larr more

02 May 2014

Even escorts from the agency can be overwhelmed

by Administrator on 02 May 2014, under London Escorts

I would never have guessed how an agency escort with years of experience in London could become so shy by the overwhelming presence of a handsome man. When I saw him it felt so right that there was absolutely no way it could be wrong. I met him on a very lonely night, sitting alone [&hel more

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