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30 July 2016

The Sex Was Slow and Sexy

by Administrator on 30 July 2016, under London Escorts

I wrapped up warm as the last week in May proved to be colder than usual at this time of year you would think us Russian escorts could handle the mild winters in London. I seemed to be waiting for summer, so I could sit on the roof terrace and enjoy being outside, rather than […] more

28 July 2016

That Will Turn Me On

by Administrator on 28 July 2016, under London Escorts

I held my head up high as I walked down the High Street. Shops on either side bustled with tourists, locals and browsers alike. Some of these had been around for many years. The deli had been passed down from the previous generation and the antique shop was run by a man in his early [&he more

25 July 2016

He Glanced At My Cleavage

by Administrator on 25 July 2016, under London Escorts

The next beer arrived. I decided to tell him about the type of clients escorts met with in London. “Would it be helpful if I told you about my typical clients?” Dan looked at me in surprise. “Well, I guess so. I hadn’t really thought about other clients.” I smiled. “I’m tal more

21 July 2016

Full Blooded Man

by Administrator on 21 July 2016, under London Escorts

I looked at the handsome man sitting opposite me. He was a dead-ringer for Idris Elba, but he wasn’t him. Dan was gorgeous. We’d met for a drink and nothing else; he just wanted to get a feel for what I was like to talk to, and whether or not there was any chemistry. I’d […] more

17 July 2016

Fingers Stroked My Breasts

by Administrator on 17 July 2016, under London Escorts

Rufus had a bit of a bad boy look about him. With charming, boy-band looks dark lashes and blue eyes, most girls and professional London escorts would sleep with him, or so I thought. Rufus turned to me as his head hit the pillow. Sex had been good, but I always shut my eyes for [&hellip more

14 July 2016

Watch Me Part My Legs

by Administrator on 14 July 2016, under London Escorts

Living with Mike means that I’m economising on a few things, such as taking taxis for short distances during the day. Anything less than six tube stops means the Oyster card comes out and because I don’t have much free time to read at home, I have also invested in a Kindle for these more

11 July 2016

Sensual Reciprocation

by Administrator on 11 July 2016, under London Escorts

Why have I never heard of the saying, “a zipless shag”? My blank look made Jonathan laugh. As his smile faded, he shared the story and I sipped my wine. “There are variations of the story, but the one I heard about concerned a train journey. The passenger; a woman who had lost her more

08 July 2016

I Slowly Licked Up and Down

by Administrator on 08 July 2016, under London Escorts

I like verbal repartee. Rachel, my good friend, and I, banter all of the time. We laugh at how quick we are to retort to each other. However, most of my clients do not know about that side of me. Roland was different; even when he was jet-lagged, he liked a brief verbal sparring session, more

04 July 2016

Jeremys Hands on My Breasts

by Administrator on 04 July 2016, under London Escorts

I checked my eyeliner and rubbed off the light pink lipstick. I took out a ruby-red lipstick and applied it carefully. I changed jackets, rolled my worn one up and placed it in my tote bag. The last stage of my transformation into the one of the hottest Russian escorts in London was to c more

01 July 2016

He trailed his fingers down my stomach

by Administrator on 01 July 2016, under London Escorts

I sat down on the bed with Aidan’s special tool temptingly only centimetres away from my face. “I’m guessing you have a few girlfriends plus other escorts you see in London then. Am I right?” He smiled, “Are you interested in me personally?” I mused this point and shook my he more

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