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Legs Parted

by Administrator on 15 May 2016, under London Escorts

Callie and her boyfriend, Jack, were late. I waited in the hotel room patiently, playing with my fine gold bracelet. I had met both before, but that was at a party in suburban London. Now complements of the new escorts agency I’ve signed up with they were to become first-time clients.

This Felt So Naughty

by Administrator on 13 May 2016, under London Escorts

For the next ten minutes, Claus swayed to the music and asked me various questions about myself and being an escort on the London circuit. It was nothing too personal, but it was his need in order to relax with me. I found myself thinking about my need to be a little bit naughty. He [&he

Sheer Pleasure As She Came Again

by Administrator on 08 May 2016, under London Escorts

The bedroom was opulent, filled with dark exotic hardwood, a batique bedspread, and a bed which was bespoke; a London escort girls dream wider than a king-size bed, and of a size which allowed more play space. Indira sighed as the vibration worked through her love box and hit those nerve

He Expertly Removed My Underwear

by Administrator on 05 May 2016, under London Escorts

I felt apprehensive as David took off his shoes, socks, and then walked to the bathroom, without a word. I heard him shower and knew then he would go ahead with the sex after all men don’t call a London agency for nothing. My secret places started to warm up again. I took off my [&hell

My Ex Used to Do That

by Administrator on 01 May 2016, under London Escorts

David brushed his hand slowly up and down my arms as he finally lent forward to kiss me full on the lips. I moved closer so that he could feel my breasts pressing against him, but he did not react. Instead he kissed me slowly and seductively, moving me around so that I was facing [&helli

I Was As Nervous As The Day

by Administrator on 28 April 2016, under London Escorts

I felt nervous as I stood in the lift with David, but I think that was more of a reflection of how he was feeling. We had plenty of time, so I was mentally prepared for a long session. He let me go in first, and dimmed the lights. I stood there, until I realised […]

Russian Girls in The Escort World

by Administrator on 25 April 2016, under London Escorts

The tension was palpable, and I guessed that the anticipation was very much a major part of the encounter for David. Having the best Russian escorts around him was probably a formality for him as a high-flying businessman, he oozed power and wealth. Unlike my other clients, he did not di

His Finger Caressed Underneath My Bottom

by Administrator on 21 April 2016, under London Escorts

I knew Paddy was up to mischief by the glint in his eye when I met him. A man who knew that to find a good escort girl London was the best place to be. As the owner/manager of a distillery, he regularly attended various customers in the capital as a follow-up courtesy when they’d [&hel

His pleasure mounted

by Administrator on 17 April 2016, under London Escorts

My client was quiet and unassuming apart from his over welling desire for fresh escort girls London, had become his hunting ground. I looked at the green-flecked hazel eyes under the blond, jagged fringe and wished I could speak Danish. Language, when it comes to sex, is important, but s

Stroke The Curve of My Buttock

by Administrator on 14 April 2016, under London Escorts

So far, I had two changes of clothing, and two changes of perfume. I was now showering and thinking about how much I was throbbing down there. Sometimes, it takes to the third session to be completely ready for great sex, escorts London hotties like me especially if the first two session
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