An Escort for Guys or Girls

A week or so later, Josh explained Sasha has offered him a different role. He would not be working as one of the escorts in her London office, but would be more of a ‘Personal Shopper’ and as the pay was good he would do it to ensure he could cover his share of the bills. He’d already paid me back what I’d given towards his father’s debts, so that pressure was off.

The work meant he’d be working from another office but could also be on call. Obviously, I knew all about this, so felt a little guilty, but he also seemed relieved. I did say that there may be some extra-curricular activity so to be prepared for what he wanted to do. I guess if it was an hour, here or there, that would work out to be lucrative, especially without Sasha’s interventions.

Josh blushed and he thanked me for being open-minded. Then he asked me a question out of the blue.

“Do you still do any of that escort activity? I know you said there were Russians, but are you still active?”

I almost bit my tongue. “Well, the Russians are a no-go area, but I sometimes to go the theatre or restaurant with a guy or a girl, and sometimes things happen. I don’t make a big thing of it though. I don’t have an escorts agency or a Madam or anything like that. Are you okay with that?”

Josh nodded, “I sort of knew after what Anna said. I guess, as long as you don’t get attached.” I nodded and smiled.

I remembered the pretty brunette I’d seen him with and replied. “That applies to you too. I want to save up to buy with you in a year or so. The buy-to-let will be a 50% deposit for us, we can add our savings, and we can afford a mortgage which will cost us half of this rent. What do you think?”

Josh sat own and asked me a question. “You want to settle down with me, don’t you?” I nodded and felt tears spring to my eyes. Josh pulled me to him and hugged me tight. When he pulled back, his eyes were moist.

“Well, I guess in that case, we work hard, save up, do what we need to do without taking risks, and we can review then and think about buying together.”

I knew he would understand.

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