A meal that consisted of me

All the agency girls I know love a creative guy. Luckily enough for me, I am able to call the most creative guy I know, my boyfriend. He’s an artist who is extremely passionate about his work but even more passionate about me. One Sunday morning, instead of waking up to a nicely prepared breakfast in bed, which Joe likes to surprise me with every once in a while, I woke up to him tucked behind a big piece of canvas. I was so fast asleep that I didn’t realize that he had removed the sheets from my body. ‘Don’t move,’ he yelled and I immediately assumed the position he had put me in. I was the subject of his new art project and though I was extremely tired and bit chilly, I did as I was told. My legs were a few inches apart, just enough for him to get a good look at the part of me he loves to enjoy. I couldn’t wait to see what he had sketched on his canvas but he insisted that it was a surprise.

In just under twenty minutes, Joe was done and he turned around the canvas to show me the beautiful art work he had created. On the canvas was a drawing of my lady bits with the words ‘I want this now’, going through the center. My face lit up and I was completely and wholly excited. It was the most brilliant, clever and unique way that he had ever asked me for pleasure. When I motioned for him to come and join me on the bed, he shook his head. His said he was hungry and that I should join him in the kitchen. This naughty little boy didn’t want to have your regular old London breakfast. He hoisted me onto the dining table, pulled my legs apart and enjoyed a meal that only consisted of me his personal escort and girlfriend all rolled into one. Though I didn’t have anything to eat, I was fully satisfied. Joe and his tongue definitely know their way around my body and that morning he was exceptionally great at what he did. I guess him focusing on me so much while I slept and sketching the part of me that he loves the most really got him in the mood and heightened his appetite in a way that I truly appreciate. I can’t wait to see what this amazing boyfriend of mine comes up with next.

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