I Dont Mind Licking

“I always feel so much more limber after lesbian sex,” said Janet, stretching.

“I don’t know why,” Calista said snappishly. “It’s not like you’re exerting yourself or anything. It’s your fingers doing all the work!”

“Calista,” Janet said, smiling with condescension that Calista herself would have been proud. “Sometimes I also use my tongue.”

The two escorts London chicks born and bred were friends and friendly rivals. It was complicated.

“Funny, it wasn’t like this when I did it last,” said Kristen palming one of Calista’s breasts through her thin muslin vest and massaged it slowly. In reaction, Calista’s head fell back, coming to rest against Kristen’s shoulder.

“Of course it wasn’t,” said Calista. “Not the way I do things.”

“Where was I during this epic session?” Janet asked, pouting.

“No, I didn’t mean that time,” Kristen said at the same moment. “I meant party at the manor. The one the marchioness invited us to.”

Calista twisted out of her grasp. “When was this?” she asked.

“A fortnight ago.” Kristen pushed a lock of hair back behind her ear. “She did ask for the full service…”

“And got it, apparently,” said Calista sharply.

“Well you know the marchioness; she’s very particular. Asked for me specifically. I had to comply,” Kristen said. “What if she’d spread it around that my escort service didn’t offer the whole bit?”

“Heaven forbid,” said Janet. “I must come take advantage of your extra services sometime.”

“If you like,” said Kristen. “But I might be busy doing my day job running the agency.”

Janet pouted again, and pounced on Kristen, tracing the swell of her hips with her hands. “Now, I didn’t do this for Calista because I don’t like her, but I don’t mind licking your pussy, Kristen.”

“I loathe that – ah! – word. Reminds me – heavens yes – of a cat.”

“Suitable for Janet, then,” snarked Calista.

Janet was lapping happily at Kristen’s clit, and Kristen had buried her fingers in her dark hair. “Did you know Janet’s filming all this?”

Kristen arched up with a loud cry, a mixture of delight and horror.

“She’s going to give it to her husband, the Duke,” Calista informed her.

“Filming sex is for plebes.” Kristen pushed Janet’s head back down between her legs. She would only talk and spoil things. “You’d deserve to get slapped for that.”

“Ahem,” said Calista.

“I did,” Kristen said, cross. “He liked it.”


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