Claudia’s sixth sense

He whispered gently into my ear, reminding me of just how much he wanted me. It had been a long night, a very long night actually. A few of my friends from the agency and I had made our way to the club and had pretty much danced the entire night away. However, something unexpected happened, I met a guy. Why was this unexpected? My group of friends includes a couple over protective guys who never allow anyone to get too close to the girls in the group. You could say it was my fault that I made this acquaintance, though I’m not quite sure I would categorize him as a fault.

I’d caught him watching me while I made my way around the dance floor. There’s just this feeling that you get when someone’s staring at you, I call it an escorts sixth sense, if it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t have noticed his eyes pretty much penetrating my skin. The first time that my eyes met his, I brushed it off, and looked away. However, as the night went on, I noticed that he just couldn’t keep his eyes off of me and it seemed as though he was forcing me to stare back. I excused myself from the group and motioned for him to meet me in a section where my friends wouldn’t be able to see us. ‘Why do you keep looking at me?’ I asked in my most nonchalant tone. ‘Why would I not look at you?’ he shot back. ‘Well, maybe because it’s rude to stare,’ I replied. He went on to tell me that it wasn’t rude to stare at someone like me. He said, ‘you’re like a work of art, and whereas any other girl at a London night club might be stared at, you aren’t, instead, you are being admired’. There is no denying that he had a way with words and he got me so interested in him that I hated to leave him behind. I could just imagine the things that he would whisper in my ears if I got the chance to escort him home. I couldn’t stop thinking about the way that he would touch me, the way he would hold me and how I would feel being his escort for the night. I reached into my purse, pulled out a pen and quickly scribbled my phone number down on his palm. The phone rang not too long after I got back to my apartment and that night, I had some of the best company one can imagine.

About the author:
New to London and the hectic escorts scene Claudia, just wants to have fun with the many new people she destined to meet.

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