My Ex Used to Do That

David brushed his hand slowly up and down my arms as he finally lent forward to kiss me full on the lips. I moved closer so that he could feel my breasts pressing against him, but he did not react. Instead he kissed me slowly and seductively, moving me around so that I was facing the bed and away from him. He kissed my neck with light butterfly kisses and it felt nice escorts London chicks that I know all love to be kissed this way. I could feel my heart racing. He was a classy client and I didn’t want to do anything too naughty. I also sensed he wanted to conduct this encounter at a pace he wanted, but his fingertips were creating tiny pleasure impulses around my body as he continued the exquisite stroking up and down my arms. In the hollow of my arm, he touched me gently, until I pushed my lips against his, feeling the passion rise within me.

“That’s what I wanted from you.” David whispered as he pulled back briefly. “I wanted to know if I could turn you on. I don’t want play-acting. I wanted a real response, you’re not just an escort you are a woman sexual with needs.”

I smiled and then found his lips again. They were full and lush, and I could feel his hand move slowly to my breast. He stroked slowly over my dress, tweaking my nipple lightly.

I stopped him for a moment. “I know you are curious. Not all clients turn me on, but those that do are naturally handsome, attractive and have an air of mystery about them. You make me nervous though.”

David smiled, revealing a very attractive dimple in his cheek. I had noticed it, but it only really came to life when he smiled like this. I traced it gently with my finger, but he frowned and moved away.

“My ex used to do that.” I looked at him, puzzled, but I needed to reply. “It was a natural thing to do, just to touch it. I am sorry.”

The atmosphere had changed and I wasn’t sure how I could recreate that type of intimacy which had started to materialise between us.

I had to start from the beginning again. “So, what can I do to put this right?” I smiled and cocked my head. David sat down and looked up at me.


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