Even Escorts Can Make The Wrong Assumption

So, I was curious about that statement. Josh looked so handsome and I knew other women were looking at him too; including two escorts in London in stealth mode. He easily drew as much attention as I did. I figured that he was sensitive enough to guess I was wondering about his previous girlfriends. He had one longish-term ex-girlfriend with whom he’d lived, but they’d split up amicably. Well, so he stated.

I tried one of Josh’s mozzarella pieces. The anchovy really brought out the flavour of the dish and I could almost feel the rush of carbohydrates as the food kicked in. I ventured next.

“So, what was I thinking?” Josh smiled. “I don’t think you’ll get that information out of me so easily.” He loved to tease me, so I played along. “Is this where you and your long-term ex-girlfriend from the wrong side of London came to eat?”

I thought that was a reasonably safe assumption. Josh laughed, showing off his lovely white and very straight teeth. He could model for toothpaste adverts. I keep urging him to drop the escorting and talk to my London modelling agency, but he thinks it would ‘tread on my toes’ somewhat.

I digress. I looked at Josh and waited for him to talk. Just like in a game of chess, I’d moved my pawn forwards and was waiting for him move his pawn forwards. However, would there be a time when one of us would be facing ‘check-mate’?

Josh whispered as he checked no-one was listening. “No, I thought he recognised you and you were embarrassed.”

That certainly wasn’t true. I shook my head, smiled and explained I had never been here before. It was my turn. “I flushed because he knew you well. He had to point out his speciality dish to me, knowing I did not know, as he would have probably remembered a girl like me. So your powers of deduction are totally off course.” I smiled at him again.

Josh leant back again as the waiter took away our dishes and informed us that our main courses would be out soon. After topping up the Prosecco, he left us to continue out chat. Josh blushed. “My dad brought me here actually. He was ill and wanted to tell me what is wishes were here, over dinner.”

I could see the sincerity in his eyes and suddenly felt my appetite dip. I’d gotten that one completely wrong.


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