He Provided Her With Adult Services

Josh preferred working for Sasha for the Personal Assistant role, to conducting his escort duties in London and the home counties. He didn’t really talk that much about his escorting past but I was curious. Sasha was very demanding, and at times, very manipulative. I asked if the duties were varied and Josh looked at me with a twinkle in his eye before he responded.

“I tend to do organise the socialising and the food side of things. I recommend restaurants, go out to do any shopping, for things like razors, quality soap, toothpaste and dry cleaning. If they were in a hotel, that would come with the service.”

I was fairly sure he provided adult services, but as I wasn’t asking specifically if that was on the menu, he wasn’t going to specifically tell me that was the case.

Last night, he’d organised a party for twenty guests and Vlad was one of them. He’d arrived by himself and had left by himself. I didn’t like the overlap with Josh. Josh said little about Vlad but Vlad knew who he was. No doubt Sasha wanted to add some spice to the mix. I was honest. “I used to see Vlad, Josh. Just be careful. I split with him when I met you. I chose you over him.”

Josh nodded as he tucked into his fruit salad. “I guessed it was something like that. Sasha is quite cryptic, but I caught his eye a few times. I hope you don’t make a habit of breaking too many male hearts.”

I knew he was joking and I playfully slapped his wrist. “Vlad wasn’t right for me, but you are.”

On the basis Sasha was back at work just three months after giving birth, even only for two days a week, I decided to call her and mention Katy the girl who I think would make an excellent escort. I had already discussed this with Josh and he thought it would be a good idea.

“Well, I’m not on call then, but I guess the callout pay is better than nothing. As long as she can be in West London, and specifically in Mayfair within twenty minutes of a call, she’ll be fine.”

Katy lived in Barnes with her parents. It wasn’t that far away but twenty minutes would be a stretch. “She could use a taxi anyway. She shouldn’t be expected to get there by tube.”

I would wait until Josh was at work and then I’d call Sasha.

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