A beautiful night that I will never forget

The night sky in London was more beautiful than I had ever seen it. If I said that I saw more than a few stars wink at me that night, I would not be lying. What was even better, however, was that I had the most perfect company to share the night with, Marcel. He was a guy that I had met through the agency I was with when I became an escort over a year ago and in the past year, he made a point to visit me at least twice a week. On this visit, he said he had some reflecting to do. He believed that I was put into his life for a reason, and he didn’t want things to be as hardcore as they usually were.

I could tell that Marcel was falling and he was falling hard. So there we sat, in the park on a soft picnic blanket, taking in the night sky. We didn’t speak a word, there was just silence for the first half an hour or so and then it happened. Marcel’s reflecting led him to turn to me and glide his tongue along the length of my neck. “You taste just as beautiful as you are,” he said. His breath was warm and comforting and his words made my heart leap over the moon and back. He continued to bless my neck with his delicate kisses, moving his way up, further and further, allowing me to get a taste of his magical tongue. His hands made their way under my dress. The roughness of his palm tickled my sides and he ran his hand over them, bringing me to a sitting position. The way that he kissed me told me more about him than he had said in his own words. I knew just what he was feeling; Marcel had fallen in love with an escort. This, however, wasn’t a bad decision. I knew all of Marcel’s fantasies and unlike the other women who had entered and left his life, I was willing and able to fulfill each and every one of them.

We kissed for a while longer before things heated up even more and Marcel and I, filled the skies with a passion that can’t be compared with. It was a night that I will never forget but one that I am always willing to repeat.

About the author:
Rita started her busy career as an escort last year she, still finds time to workout at the gym and publish very interesting blogs.

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