Mystery of The White Thong

I like my house to be clean. As we occupy the second and third floor of the building, I’ve noticed it is dustier for some reason escorts London ladies in general do not do dust. In terms of the whole house, I hoover twice a week and polish once a week, whilst Josh cleans the kitchen, indoor windows, stairs and brushes up outside and the roof terrace. I have the two bathrooms to clean too. It is a shared effort.

I’d been working for just over an hour and went to work in the spare bedroom. Usually there isn’t too much to do. I dusted, started to make the bed with fresh linens, and realised there was something stuck behind the headboard and the wall.

I pulled at the piece of fabric and it sprung out into my hands. It was the tiniest, cream thong I have ever seen and as a professional escort in London I’ve seen my fair share. It wasn’t mine either. I sat on the bed looking at it, feeling bewildered.

Josh must have brought a client back here sometime in the past week. I definitely would have seen it before then on my last clean after one of my clients. I knew he still had a few clients, but he had never mentioned them coming into the bedroom. I could not complain though. That would be double standards – I brought clients back here too.

For some reason, my heart dropped. Didn’t the client realise she had left them here? Did she leave the flat without them?

My mind was a whirlwind of thoughts. What if she had done this on purpose? What should I do about it?

I realised I felt disappointed. I could not speak about this without feeling awkward. I was tough, but at least, like I, he had chosen to use the spare room. I gathered the thong in my hand, went down to the bin, threw it inside, and poured a large glass of wine.

Then it sunk in. My mother had stayed over on Tuesday night after she’d finished her class. Josh had taken her out to dinner as I was away modelling on an overnight trip in Paris. She was tiny – much smaller than I, but I have never checked out her underwear. Why would I? Would this thong have belonged to her? I knew I would never find out the truth, unless I asked one or the other.


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