He never ceases to turn me on

‘Be mine Karina,’ he said to me, his voice muffled as he tried to speak from between my thighs. ‘I AM yours,’ I replied. I knew what he was saying. Cliff was he kind of guy who got caught up a lot. Ever since the first time that I blew his mind, he’s been coming back for more, week after week. It’s not that he wanted me to quit my job of being one of the rising number of London girls who are part time escorts. That’s one of the things he loved about me, he just liked thinking that one day, I could be all his. The truth is, every day that I’m with Cliff, I’m all his. I dedicate all the attention he needs and I love each and every second that we’re together.

He knows just the right things to say to have me blushing and he knows just how to use his tongue and his penis to please me. There’s this trick that he does that brings me over the moon. He gets his lips all iced up and cold, presses them firmly against my clit and then blows a steady, long, warm breath, complementing it with the warmth of his tongue. There truly is nothing in the world like it. The hot and cold sensation on the most sensitive part of my body is something that feels undeniably great.
But things don’t stop there. Cliff came all the way to London for me and so I had to ensure that every minute we spent together was one that he would remember. Prying him away from my sweet pussy can be difficult. He loves the taste so much that he would stay between my legs forever if I let him.

I love having Cliff deep inside me and the best position is me being on top. I’m really flexible and when I split on top of him, I get to have him as deep into me as possible. His thickness is something that can’t be denied, but because of the fact that he never ceases to turn me on, I’m always wet enough to accept each and every inch of him. He likes to spin me around when I’m on his cock so that he can watch my ass bounce as I take advantage of him. And when I’ve been naughty, he’ll ensuring to punish me by spanking my juicy ass. I hate when it’s time for him to leave London and head back to Oxford. However, I don’t doubt that he’ll always come back as I’m quite sure they don’t have escorts like me there.  

About the author:
A London girl Karina is an escort who loves to write sexy stories.

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