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Alma’s special technique

Fast asleep, Leon lay tucked into the blanket on my king size bed. It truly was a sight to behold; this macho man sleeping as sounds as a baby. Well, there’s an explanation for that. You see, Leon and I had gotten up to some pretty naughty stuff earlier thus leading to his complete exhaustion. It all started when he called the escort service in need of someone to satisfy his craving. Of course, his eyes were drawn to me. When I asked him what it was that made me his choice, he simply replied, ‘a face like yours combined with a body like yours, there’s just no way I couldn’t call.’ This made me smile, to think that of all the other women in London that he could spend the night with, he chose me. His compliments went on for the entire night. My eyes, my skin, my butt, my legs, they all received his admiration. In return, I gave him a Alma special.

The Alma special entails a lot of tender touches and then a lot of not so tender touches. Things started off slowly. Two glasses of wine at either ends of the table, one for him and one for me. If someone were to perch their eyes upon us, all they would see is two gorgeous people having a drink. However, underneath the table, there was a lot more going on. My legs made their way into his lap, playing with him, teasing and tickling. There was no denying that he was aroused because I’ve never seen a man drink his wine so fast. Once he had emptied his glass, he pushed me to speed things up so that he could take me somewhere a bit more private. In his hotel room, I teased him a bit more, nibbling on his ears and then his neck, getting him more and more aroused. When I saw that he couldn’t take it anymore, I introduced him to the parts of me that only the best men get to see and then, I introduced myself to the parts of him that had been hiding all night long. Let’s just say that together, those secret parts were in perfect harmony. Hours of intensity later, he pulled the blanket up to his neck and was out in seconds. The image that I saw was one of a man who was truly and wholly satisfied with his date with an escort.

About the author:
Adored by many for her exotic good looks and slim & busty figure Alma’s chosen career as an escort makes her a very busy London bunny!