A well healed London lady

The thing that Ralph loved the most about me was the way that I could be both a well healed lady and one of the naughtiest escorts in London at the same time. One night whilst being entertained over a nice glass of wine, Ralph decided that he was going to analyze me and figure out what exactly it was that made me so unique, so enticing. He leaned into me and swept my long, dark hair over my shoulder before planting a delicate kiss upon my lips. I could see the other guests in the London restaurant fill with envy as they looked at the way he touched me and the way I loved every minute of it.

“Tonight is the night that I figure out what’s so special about my favorite escort,” he said. I’m not one to complain about being analyzed. After all, I knew that the more he looked at me and the more he touched me while at the restaurant, the more his passion for me would build. What that meant was that once we made our way to the bedroom, I’d be getting more than his all. “Your eyes,” he said, gently stroking my cheek, “they have got a sense of mystery hidden deep within them. And your lips they’re the kind that screams at a man to kiss them but the kisses, they’ve got to be delicate.” I couldn’t help but to smile and that’s when Ralph really got excited. “That!” He exclaimed. “That’s the thing that brings any man to his knees. It’s in your smile Nicole. Your smile is what drives me wild. Your smile is what’s going to make me call the waitress, pay the bill and get you, my dear little London escort, out of this restaurant and into my bed.”

I was truly flattered. Anyone who saw the way that my smile caused Ralph’s entire face to light up would be astonished. Within less than a minute, he’d paid for our wine and we were headed to his home. Ralph had made me feel so special. Not to say that he didn’t always make me feel that way, but tonight was different. Once we were in his apartment, I didn’t hold back when it came to pleasing him. I ensured that he could analyze each angle of my body from just about every position imaginable. An hour later, we were out of breath and lay facing each other and the analyzing started all over again.

About the author:
Known in London as one of the prettiest escorts Nicole enjoys supplying us with regular blogs about her nights out with the men in her life.

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