He trailed his fingers down my stomach

I sat down on the bed with Aidan’s special tool temptingly only centimetres away from my face. “I’m guessing you have a few girlfriends plus other escorts you see in London then. Am I right?”

He smiled, “Are you interested in me personally?” I mused this point and shook my head. “I can’t be, but I don’t understand.”

He got onto the bed and traced circles around my nipples, before tightening one between his thumb and forefinger. Then he placed the wet, pink tip of his tongue over the top and licked it lightly. I shuddered as I watched the square jaw. He was too attractive for his own good. “Joanna is actually a friend of mine; I went out with her best friend for five years, but now she’d hooked up with a film producer here in London, so I’m free and single. I know you’re dating someone as she told me. That was the only condition I stipulated; the sexiest escort in the city and already in love.”

I smiled. I could imagine Joanna telling him about how Josh and I really got together. I also knew who her best friend was; the words’ high-maintenance’ came into mind. I watched as he trailed his fingers down my stomach and I was so pleased I had been doing my ab-crunches properly for the last month. I didn’t quite have the female equivalent of a male ‘six-pack’ but I looked toned and shapely in fact compared to most of the escorts on Sasha’s books I think I’ve got the best abs.

As soon as Aidan reached my crevices, he asked if I needed any stimulation. I nodded and he asked me to tell him what I wanted.

My reply made him snort with laughter. I’d said, “That’s what I should be asking you, but now you have asked, I like a finger inserted; you know what I mean.”
When he asked me if I meant ‘front’ or ‘back’, it was my turn to giggle.

Instead of answering, I pushed him onto his back and restrained his nearest hand. Then I started to kiss the hollow of his hip, until my lips had covered the whole area, and then I moved towards his manhood, which had a slight curve to it. Everything else was so beautifully symmetrical, it seemed so odd that this part of him wasn’t, but I was sure he’d know what to do with it.


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