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My mum was visiting for the weekend. I had to be so careful to hide any signs of my other London life and the wardrobe, containing all of my kinky gear, was locked with a padlock. The key was safely ensconced in another drawer, away from prying eyes.

I went to greet her at the station. She only had a small tote bag with her as I’d told her that she could use my toiletries and towels.

Instead of getting the tube, we were getting a cab, but only as far as the British Museum, where she liked to look at the mummies, before heading to the café for tea and scones.

I wasn’t a pastry or cake person really, but the cream on the scones looked too yummy, so I joined in.

It was lovely seeing her and afterwards we got the tube down to my place, where she looked around with interest. “It looks mature. Your furniture is good quality and I love your carpets. So how much do you make each year from your sewing business?”

Well, I dare not tell her that I also owned a flat, so I increased the net profit for my small part-time business. “It’s enough to live on. Luckily the rent has not increased on this, so I only pay a grand a month on this.”

My mother looked shocked. I dare not tell her that the bills, rent and service charge on my London apartment amounted to triple that which, was not a problem for escorts who entertained the big boys. She showered and changed and we went out to dinner at the bistro I frequent with my friend, Anna. I had reserved a table at seven as she does not like to eat late.

I was surprised when she told me her news. In fact I was quite shocked. She was going back to university in London. She’d been accepted onto an Art History degree course on a part-time basis over three years, and she would be starting in six months. I knew what she wanted to know. She wanted to stay with me.

I wondered how to handle this, so I enquired as to her plans. She would be studying on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for the first year. Then she would move to distance-learning for the rest of the course.

“Of course, you can stay here. You’d be very welcome.” I would need to be very careful to re-arrange things for a while!


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