Phenomenal demand for busty models

I’d been on escort shoots before but this set up in London was something special, I was shown to a private dressing area and was alone for a few minutes, whilst Carla headed off to check the studio was set-up. Another very full-bosomed girl was just about to finish and she’d explained they had their own in-house photographer three days per week. I changed into a pink and black bra set, with hold-ups. The stylist checked me, thanked me for having a neat bikini line, at which I blushed. She smiled and talked me through what would happen and what I needed to do.

The female photographer was a relief. I was expecting a male, so was quite surprised to meet Saskia, a diminutive, Polish photographer, with the highest cheekbones I have ever seen OMG if she would be one of the most in demand escorts in the capital if she ever decided to change professions.

I had to lie face down in the lacy French knickers, and the long-line brassiere. I knew that you could see my bottom through the lace, but I didn’t have to open my legs, so I was fine with that. I lay back and took direction from Saskia. It wasn’t that difficult. When Saskia asked me to be sultry, I imagined Marco naked in front of me. When she asked me to look submissive, I thought about Vlad, his sexual prowess and sheer masculinity.

I changed into a gold floral and black sheer bra and knicker set, behind a curtain in the studio. The photographer could have seen me naked, but she was too busy reviewing the previous photographs. She’d seen more than this, I was certain of that.

Two hours later, after pouting, posturing and leaning back on several furry throws, Carla chatted with me about the photos.

Then she showed me a dozen of me in two different sets of lingerie. “I think you’ll be ideal. What do you think? Could you manage eight to ten hours per week, starting next week? The demand for you will be phenomenal.”

I looked at her through long, darkened eyelashes. “Yes, I could, but can I use a professional pseudonym please? I’d like to be called Elena.”

Carla smiled, “Of course, but we’d need your real name as you’ve provided for your account set-up. Leave it with me and I’ll post out the contract. Ring me when you get it and we’ll talk it through.”

I got up to go, and turned. “Thank you Carla. I’ll work hard for you.”

She eyed me in those metal-rimmed spectacles. “I have no doubt about that.”


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