Party girl escorts don’t come much better than Bella

Sometimes us escorts whether in London or any other busy city just wants to unwind especially at the end of the week. Though for many people, this unwinding involves spending alone time, watching a movie or getting involved in some form of low stress activity, for me, this isn’t the case. My friends always tell me that there is a good reason why I’m an escort and that there’s perhaps no occupation that would be a better fit for me.

For starters, I’ve got the legs of a goddess and it’s just exceptionally difficult for any man to walk by without taking a good look at them. And then, of course, my perfectly toned body which is adequately accompanied by perfect, silky skin is something that drives not only hands but other parts of a guy’s body wild. Last, but not least, there’s my face. Ever since I was a child, I was told about how beautiful I was. But now, with a bit more maturity, I’ve surpassed beauty. I have entered into a world where my face is referred to as ‘irresistible’, ‘exceptional’ and so much more. For many girls, this would instill an attitude that turns men away. However, my belief is that even the shyest of men deserve to get a taste of something they once thought they couldn’t have. When such an attitude as mine is accompanied by the amount of fun that I like to have and my constant need to please and be pleased, my occupation in London as an escort could never be a better fit. This is why, while everyone is tucked away in bulky pajamas, I’m flaunting the most seductive lingerie. This is why, while many are keyed into a good film, I’m keyed into a good man.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and thus, I ensure that not one minute of mine is waisted. I know what I like and I’m never afraid to admit it. Being the person who causes a guy’s heart to beat so fast that it seems as though it’s trying to escape from his chest, gives me a rush that can’t be compared with. With all the great men who visit my adopted city London and who are keen to meet fun party girl escorts like me, you can bet that I am never out of toys and never done having fun. Pleasure is a game for two and it’s a game that someone is always interested in playing. I know for sure, that there’s never a time that I’d turn down such an immense amount of fun.

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