Escorts Girlie Weekend Away

It was my time off from the escort assignments so I headed to London’s Portobello market to have a wander round with Rachel. I’ve only been here once before and that was after Id watched the film, ‘Notting Hill’. I wasn’t really a High Grant fan, but it is a trendy area, and I wanted to see if I could spot any of the set locations.

So I found the infamous ‘blue door’ and I asked a local market trader about the location of the travel bookshop. I found it, after being told this was a regular question, mainly from Japanese and American tourists. I could understand the latter; after all Julia Roberts, the leading lady, was American herself.

So, we had coffee and started the mile or so walk through the centre of Notting Hill to check out what bargains I could find. Down by the Westway, I found a young London born designer, whose designs I liked. A little more grunge or industrial-looking than I usually wear, but the studded jeans, and the jersey leggings were a steal. Rachel bought a couple of T-shirts too, and the designer remarked that she was doing ‘pop-up’ events all over West London. I wished her well and hoped she would make a living from it.

We ate half-subs filled with pastrami, lettuce and gherkin pickle as we browsed a handbag stall. Definitely too cute for my fussy escorts taste, but gain the standards were high.

The shoes were disappointing, but the second-hair designer rails were worth a look at. Rachel bought a shirt and I bought a pretty crepe dress by Joseph for a fraction of the retail price. It wasn’t a fake either. The label and material were just right.

As we browsed, we talked. I liked how we could talk about almost anything. Rachel was off to Nice for a six-week summer course on how to make quality perfume using essential oils. I thought the idea was fabulous. Rachel picked up on my enthusiasm.

“Why don’t you come over for the weekend? We can hit Cannes and mix with the uber-rich?”

That sounded like a great idea. It would give Terry the chance to catch up with his mates for a weekend. I took a note of the dates and would let her know as soon as possible. I could do with a girlie weekend away!


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