Sensual Sexual Aroma

Mark was excited to have his first escort . He wanted to book a hot blonde with huge breast with a killer body; he also wanted a girl who enjoyed partying. Trying to impress the guys from his work, he want someone who would stand out, someone who would make every other girl look ordinary. Indeed this was the perfect job for me. I had to ensure that my attire was perfect for this event so I decided to put on something impeccable, a dress that is classy but shows my immaculate figure.  I met Mark at the hotel, as I looked at him I knew that this night was going to be magnificent. His outfit looked lavishing I could tell that he is a man who knows what he wants, when he wants and where he wants.

On arriving at the London location, all eyes were on us as we walked in. We both got compliments after compliments.  The guys from his work were in awe. He’d accomplished his mission, to have them dripping with envy and none of them knew that I was an escort.  After the party we went back to his hotel, it was filled with petals leading from the door to the tub, I kicked my stunner heels off as I walked toward him. He popped open a bottle of champagne.  He assured me that this was my night. It was his time to show me a good time.

I went into the hot tub nude; I waited for Mark to come back with dessert. He climbed into the tub, he could not resist me. He started touching me as he fed me with fruits and a delicious slice of double chocolate fudge cake. He slowly sucked the chocolate off my lips. His tender but sexual touch made my body shiver; I was tingling all over. He kissed my lips and whispered ‘you are perfect’, at this moment I felt like I was the most beautiful woman on earth. I was pampered with nothing but sexual and sensual affection. This made me weak, he slowly squirted the whip cream all over my body, and he licked my big breasts with so much passion. At this point I wanted more, and he surely gave me what I desired,  his big hard cock filled my tight pussy with total satisfaction.

Escorts are amazing at what they do; I love my job, and I get pleasure when London guys or girls crave me.

About the author:
22yr Donna has just started a new career as an escort for a London agency

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