So filthy so naughty

Hannah’s not your ordinary girl next door. In fact, she’s pretty far from it. At first glance, one would believe they saw innocence in her eyes. But the minute she opens that filthy mouth of hers, all that would come to an end. If there’s one thing she’s good at, it’s talking dirty.

Our passionate encounter happened early one Monday morning. I’d had a long night out with my friends in London on Sunday night and was just heading back in. She seemed to have been doing the same thing with her friends and coincidentally, we ended up in the elevator at the same time. Without saying a word to me, she planted her lips upon me. I was taken aback by the advance, having never kissed another girl before apart from other escorts during dates with guys who wanted a threesome. But the lusciousness of her lips and the gentle taste of cinnamon on her tongue was too much to resist. She placed her hand behind my head and pulled me in even closer to her. Willingly, I allowed her to. Something inside of me wanted her. Something inside of me wanted to explore and so, I didn’t resist her attempt to walk me to her apartment. Instead, I followed gleefully.

Through the doors we went, the desire to take advantage of each other so high that we couldn’t make it to the bedroom. Hannah had barely gotten to the couch when she started to rid her body of the minimal amount of clothing she had on. I followed her lead, stripping down to nothing but my panties and bra. Hannah raised her hands, and with a gentle push, landed me on the couch. She proceeded to climb on top of me, tasting the parts of me that so deeply wanted to have her tongue glide over them. I relaxed as she worked her magic on my body- astonished by the fact that another girl who wasn’t even a professional escort could arouse me as much as she did. But the icing on the cake came when she opened her mouth and whispered the most seductive things in my ear. So filthy, so naughty, but I loved every minute of it. The things she whispered were the things she did but just having her say them to me beforehand made the experience a hell of a lot better.
Now, every time I see Hannah in the elevator, I get satisfying flashbacks to our night together- a night of perfection.

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