For escorts in London friends with benefits is best

My friends in who don’t work as escorts, always ask me how I could still be such good friends with my ex-boyfriend Joey. However, for me, the answer’s quite simple, ‘it just works’. One too many times, people in London allow their relationships to fall too deep into the gutter before putting a stop with it. Joey and I didn’t have one of those relationships. We were, and still are, compatible in a million ways but we want different things in life. We did, however, make a promise to ourselves that we would remain friends and that we wouldn’t allow the negative to take control of us.

What this means for the both of us isn’t only that we get to have coffee every once in a while or the odd invitation to a birthday party or other event. No, Joey and I actually have a friends with benefits kind of relationship. The intimate moments that we shared as a couple were some of the best moments and even though we felt the need to relieve ourselves of the status ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’, we allowed ourselves to continue to take advantage of all the fun that we had together. One of the things that Joey loves the most is that sometimes I pretend to be his escort. He’s never seen me in action at my job and as a result, this is very intriguing for him.

He tells me that I seem like a completely different person when I’m in that role. However, it’s a person that he wholeheartedly enjoys. Needless to say, we’ve had an immense amount of fun role playing and being a naughty escort isn’t the only trick I have up my sleeve. There are so many other things that Joey and I enjoy at these moments. Sometimes, we’re just ourselves, hot and fire and succumbing to temptation. At other moments, he’ll put on a show for me. But at the end of the day, when all is said and done, there are no strings attached and therefore we get to carry on with our own lives until we decide to spice things up again.

Of course, this is something that none of my friends in London seem to understand as when their relationships ended, it went much differently. This is perhaps what makes me like what Joey and I have tougher even more. The fact that, no one quite gets us and that time and time again we’re the center of everyone’s conversations.

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