Escorting Men and Providing Pleasure

The plain paper-wrapped box had been placed on my lap by my client, Sergio. I knew they would be shoes from the shape and weight of the box London escort girls favorite. I wasn’t wrong.

The Manolo Blahniks were a gift; an expensive gift at that. High, blue satin, stylish, I slipped them on and walked smoothly across the thick oriental carpet. They fitted like a dream. Sergio thought they matched my eyes, as his own travelled down the length of my naked body, to the gold anklet; the only other item I was wearing.

I knew I looked good as the mirror in front of me accentuated my soft curves – naturally large breasts, a slim waist and generous hips, with a rounded bottom most men just wanted to stroke or spank, I suppose I have the perfect figure for my occupation as escorting men and providing pleasure at London hotels and mansions

I was in luck. Sergio beckoned me over and I obeyed.

I turned so my bottom faced him and he carefully stroked my curves. I could feel his breath on my cheek as he took his time to feel, squeeze and caress. “This makes me excited,” he stated casually and deeply, his Spanish lilt sounding suddenly seductive.

I bent forwards slightly as his fingers dared to touch me more intimately, I just needed him to be a little deeper; then he could take me almost anywhere in my fantasies.

When he stopped abruptly, I let out an involuntary sigh, which shocked even me. He chuckled and asked me politely to kneel up on the bed. As I did so, I was aware of his manhood touching me ever so slightly. But it was enough to make me move back against him. However, Sergio moved back. He had different ideas for this little escort girl.

“Be patient, my lovely – let’s make use of this work of art.” With that he took off one of my new Blahniks and pressed the thin heel into my jade gate, gently, but enough to make me clench the tip. Whilst this was unexpected, I knew Sergio had an erotic side to him. He liked to be playful; not taking sex too seriously. For now, I obeyed his requests and let him tease me gently.


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