The most gorgeous escort known to man

I love the rush that I get when he’s close to me, the warm of his body against mine. The way he knows just what to say and when to say it will make any girl in London, or just about everywhere, melt right down to her core. He’s mesmerizing, fascinating and all other adjectives combined. His stares are so fierce, they could start a fire, perhaps one similar to the fire that he leaves burning deep within me as he whispers into my ear, ‘Inna, you’re the most gorgeous escort known to man’. He says it with such conviction that there’s no way in the world he can’t really mean it. The seductive tone is enough for me to bury my mouth against his, breath the air he breaths and revel in the sweet scents that escape him; the scent of a man. Am I addicted to him? I would say so but he claims that he’s the one addicted to me. The things that I tell him he makes me feel are the things he says that I do to him. This too, must be true because what other reason would there be for him to drive into London to pay me a visit almost each day of the week? Why would his toes curl the way they do when my tongue makes contact with his muscular chest? He must be just as wrapped up in me as I am in him and there’s nothing that either of us can do about it.

I’m an escort but, a woman first and I believe in pleasure, I believe in enjoyment and I believe that we both deserve to indulge in these things, to indulge in each other. A night with him has never gone by without me feeling completely satisfied. He ensures that I’m well taken care of in the ways that truly matter and I do the same for him. After all, what kind of place would this world be if things were one sided? It wouldn’t be a world where people complement each other the way that we do. My dream man, the man of my dreams and the one who makes all my dreams a reality, is the one who’s kind enough to bestow upon me the things that I offer to him, the pleasure that I give to him. My friends say that I’m an escort in love, but I’m not sure if I should put a label on the way that I feel.

About the author
Inna moved to London and became an escort in the summer of 2013. Her assignments keep her very busty but she still finds time to post the odd blog here and there.

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