In desperate need of release

Danny was going through a stressful time, but my stress was more of a sexual frustration. Having been a very good girl on holiday, I’d come back to an empty diary for three days and my first appointment happened to be Danny.


I was shown to the reception area outside his office suite and I stood looking at the magnificent Shard building, only a stone’s throw away. I was in desperate need of release so Danny was going to have a good time today.


I made my way into the plush office next door and raised my hand to greet Danny, who was, as always, on the phone. He waved back and pointed to the door to the adjoining room, which had a made-up, pull-down bed, soft music streaming through hidden speakers and a bottle of chilled champagne in a cooler. This was the life of a busy Executive, who earned in excess of two million bucks a year and I was his favourite escort.


I took off my jacket and decided to surprise him. My sheer blouse and no-bra, tight skirt and no-knickers approach, would not be lost on him. I drank a glass of champagne and went in for the attack. He was finishing his call when he saw me approach. I leaned forward so he could see my nipples just skim the table veneer and whispered, “I want you.”


Danny’s grey eyes narrowed and he asked me why. I explained that I’d been on a break from the agency, he was the first for a long time, and very importantly, he knew how to make me come.


We never made it to the bedroom, as a fully-dressed Danny voraciously took me on the table, in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. His needy hands squeezed my full breasts through the sheer chiffon. He suddenly shuddered, pulled out and headed off to the bathroom to dispose of his condom.


I was still in need of release as he led me to the bed, where he undressed me. He took his time licking, stroking and fingered me to a deep, shuddering orgasm. When I’d recovered, I noticed he was hard again and we moved into position. As he slowly rotated inside me, he asked me if it was always like this. I shook my head as my next orgasm started to build. I threw back my head as he drove in again and again, until I shook and came with a judder. I whispered I was concerned about people seeing him us in full-view. Danny laughed, hugged me and whispered back that it was one-way glass. No-one could actually see us doing the deed!

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