Touching His Naked Firm Body

I knew I had made a wrong decision. I could feel it in my gut. Since when did I not use my intuition as a guide. I was out of sorts all evening and Darren came over to cuddle me escorts in London don’t usually feel this way.

“What’s going on?”

I cuddled him back. “I think we both need a break. August and September are busy for you, but how about we book a week away after then. The Canaries, somewhere five-star, on a beach, and all-inclusive. I just think I’ve worn myself down.”

Whilst Darren thought it was a great idea, I didn’t feel that great about telling him a white lie. It was a fact we needed a break, but I’d agreed to meet with Sebastian the next day and he had left some instructions.

These were fairly normal, but I was going round to his place. On the phone, I explained that I was no longer full time escorting in London and I only had a few regulars, so if he needed me to bring anything, to let me know by text message. He’d agreed to my other terms and I needed to leave at eleven to get to meet him at twelve. Darren would be around, so I needed to be careful.

The next day, Darren was working on paperwork, so I showered and dressed in white underwear as requested; plain cotton, no lace and with my hair up with tendrils falling down. I wore cropped blue linen trousers, pumps and a plain cream silk shirt. I kissed him and left. I was planning to travel on the tube so I had my kindle with me. Sebastian lived in Aldwych Chambers – an exclusive development not far from the Temple tube station. I would get off there, with no changes, and call him and he’d meet me.

It is just sex. I repeated this in my head like a mantra on continuous loop. The thought of touching his naked, firm body and looking into those green eyes was disconcerting. I couldn’t even think about his mouth on my body or mine on his.

Sasha had referred to a guy she’d met, but he got cold feet. I wondered if it was Sebastian. I put those thoughts to one side for now. I knew we would have lunch as he was preparing something light.

But how else would I be spending four hours with him?

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