Life and love after divorce

“Hi Anda, are you up for a visit today?” Ivan’s voice came very shyly. If it had been any other man I wouldn’t have been able to tell who it was so quickly. Ivan, on the other hand, had a a very deep London accent that was exceptionally hard to miss. He always seemed as though he had a secret to hide; as though he wasn’t sure if he was doing something wrong by contacting an escort. However, in my presence, it never took too long before he was one hundred percent comfortable and forgetting about all the problems he had. The way he had it embedded in his head that he was sneaking around was understandable. He and his wife had just gone through a divorce after being married for over twenty years. Another woman, one much younger, and one with a sexual appetite that ran deep, he felt as though he was somehow breaking all the rules.

“Of course, I’m available,” I reassured him. I was ecstatic to see Ivan. I loved breaking him out of his shell. “Where shall we meet?”

“Well, there’s this new exhibit at my favorite museum, we could head there. But only if you want, of course.”

Such a perfect London gentleman, Ivan would be every escorts dream date. He always wanted to ensure that I was having fun and that we were doing things that I found interesting. Little did he know, that the most interesting thing about the times we’ve spent together. It didn’t matter where we were going, just being with him made things special.

Not too long after, we met at the museum. Ivan had put himself together so well that I wanted to wrap myself around him immediately. However, though there weren’t many people there, it wasn’t the right setting.  I walked over to him and graced his lips with a long, hard kiss. I felt the smile perch on his face as he kissed me back and a little something grew a little bigger.

We quickly made our way around the museum, looking at one sculpture after the other, before hopping into a cab and engaging in a make out session like two teenagers in lust. The butterflies that surfaced in my stomach as he groped my body was something that I hadn’t felt in years but definitely something that I enjoyed feeling. I knew then, that if there was any escort in London could make Ivan forget about his ex wife, it was me, and you can bet that with each move I made, I snapped away bits of those memories that he’s been trying desperately hard to forget.

About the author:
Appreciated by her clients in London for her kind nature Anda’s escort service is always in demand however, she still finds time on her off days to write and publish interesting blogs.

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