Escorts hissy fit

I picked up another magazine and flopped onto my sofa. The questions weren’t yet over escorts London ladies especially are accustomed to the inquisition here and there. I rose and asked my mum if she wanted some ham, cheese and olives with fresh bread rolls for lunch. She thanked me, but reminded me that she needed to book a taxi to pick her up at three.

I’d do that when I returned from the deli.

I wasn’t in a good frame of mind now. I had not seen Vlad for five days, and had received only one text message. I’m not planning to chase him; that so isn’t my style!

When I returned, I rang the intercom. I’d left my keys upstairs and my mum answered cheerily.

“So, when will you next see Vlad?” I sighed heavily into the intercom.

“Mum, I honestly don’t know. He split up with his fiancée six months ago. I’ve seen him a few times. Yes, he treats me well. Do I think there is a future for us? I really don’t know if he’ll want to settle down in London with someone like me. He’ll probably end up with someone much more glamourous than I could possibly ever be.”

I heard her giggle and the buzzer sounded.

I ran upstairs to see Vlad leaning against the doorjamb, with a grin on his face.

“Oh just great,” I muttered to him, and swept past. “Actually, Vlad, I am delighted to see you. Mum can interrogate you instead. I’ve had nothing but questions about you all morning.”

I sat down, annoyed and with folded arms. My mum started to laugh at my escort hissy fit.

Vlad sat down next to me. I could feel his body close and my nipples reacted immediately. My mum was still sat at the table. “Feel free to ask anything you want Moira, what would you like to know?”

I was taken aback that they were on first name terms. Vlad took my hand and placed it on his thigh. I moved it away. He leant over, kissed me on the cheek and half-turned towards me.

My mum was thinking about what was safe to ask, and Vlad picked up on this.

“Okay, I am thirty-three, born to a doctor mother, and a businessman father. He was involved with shipping. My father bought two properties in Bayswater London around twenty or so years ago. When he died, one was left to me, and one was left to my brother. When my brother died in a car accident eight years ago, he left me the other apartment. I started to buy more and they are investments for the future; a future that sadly, my brother will never have.”

That was it. I could feel tears in my eyes. I took his hand and he held it tightly.


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